Obara Tourism Association

  • It is said that in the early 19th century, a physician, Genseki Fujimoto brought a seedling from Nagoya that became a parent tree and spread widely. In 1978 this tree became the official tree of Obara District.
  • While ordinary cherry trees only bloom once in spring, the Obara shikizakura blooms once in spring, and again from October to December. The small five-petaled blossoms are thought to indicate a cross between the mamezakura and edohigan species of cherry trees.
  • The flowers begin to blossom at the end of October, and are at their peak from mid November through early December. The peak period varies somewhat from year to year.
  • Growing in all parts of the district, the trees number approximately 10,000. Among them, the Maehora Shikizakura, aged more than 100years, has been designated a natural monument by Aichi Prefecture and is carefully protected.